What is the ACE e-Manifest Program?

The ACE e-Manifest Program is the Automated Commercial Environment U.S. Customs and Border Protection have announced that they will be enforcing the receipt of advance cargo information at U.S. border ports that are functioning under the ACE e-Manifest Program.

This will require all trucking companies moving freight into the USA to report the Cargo, Conveyance and Driver Information electronically to U.S. Customs one hour prior to arriving at the Border.

Does this replace the PAPS system?
No, this does not replace the PAPS system, which allows the customs broker to set up the release

What happens if I am not an ACE e-Manifest participant? If the carrier arrives at the border and is not an ACE e-Manifest participant and customs has not received the cargo information prior to your arrival, customs will turn you back and you will not be allowed to cross the border. You will not be allowed entry into the USA until the ACE e-Manifest requirement has been met.

How can A & A Contract Customs Brokers USA help? A & A Contract Customs Brokers USA has teamed up with IES Ltd, a leading logistics software provider in the United States. IES Ltd. was the first CBP certified service bureau for Truck ACE e-Manifest. By utilizing the Truck ACE e-Manifest software, carriers and service providers are able to transmit manifest information directly to U.S. Customs.
Prior to the truck's arrival, CBP will match the manifest data with release information transmitted by the U.S. Broker to create a release recommendation to be used at time of arrival.

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